Sunday, February 6, 2011

Its February! and Happy Chinese New Year!! =D

This year is rabbit year and sooo...its my year,lolx!
our school just took a few days off...
what more worse is the holidays are before CNY =.=
May i ask?where we can go before CNY?
Of coz we can go shopping and blah blah,but before CNY no angpau take de la~~ T.T
this year just went to a few friends house..getting lesser and lesser angpau now...><
Within some month has redi passed.
Our lovely teacher too sayang us and they gave a lot of homework for us to finish up especially during this CNY.
Teacher also want us to write NOVEL~~ in chinese...(_ _)''
Honestly,i havent touch anything about novel until now. Y( ^.^ )Y
This year quite boring actually..
i was doing my hw at night while my family are playing mahjong!!!
and the next day i totally banned my hw and keep playing =D
Let see my CNY journal from day one to day 4 =]