Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Finally! Its the day...for me to meet the dentist..~.~
Okie,the journey started at 12pm.(29th)
Dad go by old road and i finally managed to get the RedFM channel correctly,no need just to listen to classic songs. Dats my dad's fav.
On the way, we saw a car stopped by roadside and a child was standing at the bushes. Well well..dat reminded me when i m a child too,vomit bcoz of dizziness in the car. My dad laugh me also =.= luckily i m much more better now, but still cnt read or sms in a moving vehicle,haiz
The clinic is situated just opposite Kota Raya, a lot and lot of buses. Traffic jam. No parking.
Then dad park the car at a gedung kain's car park and we got to walk some distant to reach the clinic,no choice. somemore its rain once we came out from the car park. Bad timing. But luckily i did brought my umbrella,hoho! =p
Ngam ngam 2pm,we arrived at the clinic. Registration..waited for few minute,and i gonna meet wif the dentist!
But ntg scaring at first..the doc was kind and so was those assistants. After checking, doc told me dat i m a serious case. need to do surgery if want perfection...i m like..WTH?? lolx!
Through the x-ray dat i hav taken, the gap between my upper jaw and lower jaw is about 12mm..by bracing,he can onli fix about 9mm. So,if really want perfection,surgery. Immediately i shook my head,as well as my dad.
Then my dad said - - you are not any super star,no need so perfect one,just do normal bracing enough redi.
lol...dat okie for me..i dunwan surgery either..doc said if really do surgery,they will cut some bones from the upper jaw and put it at the lower jaw,to make it balance..dat sound serious. I think i dun need dat.
however...even after i done my bracing,i still need to do a minor surgery to move the gum in front my two teeth upward..dats what doc said..and now,the bracing cost about RM5000...walao eh...
but what to do...just take it loh...so now my teeth got two rubber inside,doc said is to make some space between the teeth before pulling it. It ache for the second day,and third and the following. They gave me some panadols..but i dun eat panadol..so i got to be patient~~~ lol
Then doc help me to take the model of my teeth..clean my teeth and even teach me how to brush properly..as my gum bleeding.=p
So,around 3pm the doc's another patient redi arrived,so i got to back off and another appointment is next monday,3pm. 3pm is better than 2pm..bcoz 2pm is in the middle,cant hav my lunch =.=
''looking forward'' for the day...(_ _)

A day in sunway

Last thursday morning~~
jiayi and I were in my dad car..on the way to sunway~~
I wore a long pants,a normal t-shirt and sport shoes. A classic outfit for shopping~ haha
On the way we stop by dad's farm(KKB)..feed the tortoise,which has lost in the jungle,it sounded dat we are so kind-hearted..LOL
Jiayi was sms all along the way,and me..half sms,half sleep.
Of boz..not just two of us go shopping..we were going to join weiyee,sengmiin,meichian and sueyi them who just came down from genting. They hav less fun during the trip in genting,rain rain rain.
So,we reached there about 12.30pm..miin them just started their bus and coming down,got to wait about 2 hours before they arrive =.=
We went for our lunch at Mr.Teppanyaki,one order for fried chicken,one is ''kicap'',lolx
Then Asian Avenue~ we walk and walk...walk for two hours,just successed in buying jeesing's present..still got about four or five present not yet done ~.~
eventually..this is jiayi and mine list of present :
jiayi                                        me
jeesing (/)                              jeesing(/)
meishien(/)                             bear (/)
ci ying (/)                               dad (/)
                                            mum (/)
                                          banana (x)
so, for me, just the banana one didnt get it,hehe
By the time miin arrived,my stomach started to ache. I think its bcoz walk too much after eat..
then we go GasOnline meet them and i rest rest for about half an hour..chat chat and blah blah
jiayi's eldest sis also come and meet with us.
Then we went to PDI and bought some cloth,and I went to Nichii bought a shirt,but wrong size =.= clumsy me..where got ppl buy shirt dun see size de..
Then we went to HoneyMoon and drink ''tong shui'' + ice cream,for keyi just given jiayi some coupon.
It looks yummy har...haha
While they are eating, i rush to Jusco to bought dad's present. Walao..got 70% discount leh..haha
somemore there are happy hour,all uncle and aunt just grap anything they got in their hand..geng!
After done it..i went back to them,finish off the tong shui,and continue wif meishien's present~
we are almost run out of time when bought the last present...so we are half walk half run...lol..
then we went to the hotel where miin them put down thier luggage.
Then the bus..stupid bus..ppl got 44 seat while he just got 40 seat...luckily some of them redi gone back home with family,if not really no place to sit.
Around 9.30pm~ reached home~
such a ''wonderful'' day...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Last day of school 2010 - - -

Okie...i know dat i m kinda late redi..29th post 19th's incident..hehe
On the day, as usual, put on my school t-shirt(green house,yuhoo!!) and headed to school.
actually..i should be at taiping on the day but the PPD not allowed us to make the trip,so we just hav to stay at school..haiz
Every second just boring boring and boring..somemore i redi done with zhi hau's Angel & Demon,nth to do..
So~ i went out and snap photo with some of my friends..most of them didnt go school =.=

here me + fatin A. + wunny

me + roopa

me + sive(the class monitor)


me + khalilah

me + fatin A.

After that, back to class..boring again..and we start the game!
Its some kind of black jack and blah blah...in chinese we called it as ''乌龟". The loser will get his/her punishment,and I...was the worst =.=

lose at the first round..
punishment : stand till you win

keep standing...

second round
punishment : clip the pen between you nose and mouth

i still cnt make it...although i m the one who suggest this idea..lolx!

finally...just use mouth...


third round..
punishment : clip the pen on the ear

ouCh!!! ><

okie! finally its his turn!
punishment : crounch on chair + book on top

chin ying's turn!
punishment : clip pen on BOTH ear
- - left ear

- - right ear

yit teng!
punishment : crounch on desk

And~~ the last day over just like dat (, '') 
nth special...
nth memorable..
and waiting for the result..
to meet each other~~ =D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I think...

i think..i m totally insane! lolx!
I love ppl patting my head!(mean sayang la =p)
just like how you pat your pet! really gila...
maybe i m really an animal --- a rabbit perhaps ^^ before i turn into human,hahaha!
When friends or family patting me and showing their love, i totally LOVE it! I enjoy it!
Each person's patting got their own style and the feeling is different!
There are friendship patting , bro + sis hood patting, family,happiness,sadness and blah blah blah~ XD
Some people may think dat i m childish..well,some of my friends did say so =p
But dats my style.
I love patting,thinking some totally ridiculous thingy,wondering all the days,cheering friends,in deep thought(seldom),kinda emotional when watch drama and i love killing + investigate series books or movie! LOL!
I dun know how i got all this as my hobby. Friends' influence maybe? arhh..just no need to think about it.
Just be friend of mine,then you will know whether I influence you or You influence me..haha! =D

Friday, November 12, 2010


Creating your own wedpage is INTERESTING!
Yesterday(11-11-10) En. mohas from UPSI taught us how to create a webpage and customize it.
First of all he taught us how to write HTML code,it sound like learning computer programming, hehe =p HTML code was very easy, but all the details were so so important dat if you miss any symbol,you failed.So, by using this chance, En.mohas critics dat young ppl nowadays live a ''cincai'' life. =.=''
Anyway~ we did quite well in ytd work.
Through Adobe Dreamweaver, we managed to customize our wedpage and the theme of our wedpage are different from others. Some put flower shop, kopitiam, textiles, computer, shoes and blah blah blah. En.mohas also given some homework for us as the server in the lab not really smooth. So, i went back home and started the downloading of Adobe Dreamweaver. =D
I can say dat dreamweaver is indeed a good tool to customize wedpage(although i m not skillful enough in using it) but i successed in creating my wedpage namely [May Wedding Collections] XD I hav spent the whole night in doing this.So, you can visit my collections in http://rabbitmay.net23.net  if you want =p
Today, again..En.mohas taught us about ''stealing'' other ppl template and put on our wedpage. Its actually about downloading the template from some free wedsite. I was kinda frus today when the template i downloaded was not function properly...arrgghh...so i spent a lot of time in adjusting all those thingy in the template
- shorten my breakfast time
- no facebook
- no games
- 100% on the stupid template.
Luckily, i maneged to finish it up =D
Since today was the last day of the khusus, we hav a small closing ceremony in the lab.
Teacher and En.mohas give speech and some advice to us. Mes school also prepared some gifts to be given to En.mohas and cikgu haznani. Then, low, as always was chosen to represent the students and say thank-you speech to En.mohas. As for girls, our lovely class monitor - sivachan was chosen.
As for ME...I felt really grateful dat i was chosen to attend this khusus. I learned alot and I m sure dat all this thingy will help me in my future.Hope I will hav more chance to attend more khusus dat similar wif this.
Sincerely, thank you En.mohas. Thank you cikgu haznani. =]

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Okie, lets continue with what I did this morning. =p
I m kinda surprised when teacher told us dat we were going to UPSI. Totally blank in my mind. Well,what can we do in UPSI? perhaps some kind of games? 0.o
Then we lined up and walked to a computer lab. Oh Yeah! we were going to learN blogging today -.-''
We used almost 2 and the half hour to create our own acc(dat sound ridiculous) for 30 students.
Then facebook =D eventually teacher keep trying to avoid us from opening FB and finally...teacher threaten us dat she would block FB another day. Hmm..dat seem worked. =D
So, we learned how to create a blog and customize it. I also got to know dat if we dunknw anything about IT nowadays, we will be catogorized as ''buta huruf'' in this modern world .FhHoo.cnt imagine what will happen in the following 10 years @.@ Anyway,Its kinda pity to the teachers..for handle-ing such a group of ''A class'' student. However~ everything just goes well today~ we hav the fried noodles as our breakfast and the weather just cloudy and fine~ a good day indeed *thumb up*
Maybe you are wondering why i would choose -dreamer- as my title, will explain later, stay tuned! >.^

A day in UPSI!

Dats all for now.tata~ =D