Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Epilepsy???? @@

So, what is epilepsy?
Wonder why I suddenly so interested in this topic?
Well, too bad
Doctor said I m a patient of epilepsy T.T

Basically, epilepsy is a disorder of the brain's electrical system. 
Abnormal electrical impulses cause brief changes 
in movement, behavior, sensation, or awareness.
In my case, 
I may suddenly blackout for no reason
and that is a pretty serious case for me
How did I figure this out?
Well again, too bad
I fainted in my hostel bathroom one morning
knocked my shoulder to the basin 
and ouch!
bone fracture
Don't believe me?
Here is the prove ----

20/9/2013 was the day I fainted.
Saw what happen to my collar bone?
I didn't know it would be that serious till I went for x-ray in the clinic
I felt the pain the moment I fell down and knocked
and what most funny was
no one realized that I fainted in the bathroom
and after some time I woke up by myself
I took my shower
I went to college
Till evening only I called up my parents 
and then they sent me to the hospital
I was admitted for 3 days 2 nights
gone through all the check up
EEG, MRI, CT scan and blah blah

Thanks nagu as he helped me to pass up my assignments
that fall due on that day
and leong + jiayi + weihao + kaewoon + yin + choxing
for coming to visit me in the hospital :)
Last but not least, thanks James for chatting with me
throughout the night so that i wasn't boring
I was just lucky that it was my left shoulder 
as I am right handed
I couldn't lift up my arm for 2 months and had difficulty 
in taking shower and some daily life routines
Though it isn't pain anymore now
but really hope that it may recover fully

What's worse?
Doctor said epilepsy had no cure
and he prescribed a long term medicine for me
some kind of drugs to control the seizure
to prevent it happens so frequently
Oh well
just live with it
Lets hope I m not gonna die because of it one day