Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hei! Ho! Hei! Ho!

Little farm girl on duty!
Hei! Ho! Hei! Ho!

On that particular Sunday when I was free and easy,
dad called to accompany him to his farm and feed the fish.
Well rather than facing the computer for the whole morning 
why dun go out under the sunshine and sweat to be healthy?
health = wealth = beauty 
haha.. =p
On the other hand, dad was so proud of his farm work as he managed it all by his own
he planted every single trees on this land and built the small store by himself too
whenever I was there he will surely describe what had happened here n there
when he was working on this farm and how hard to get those lands
that he has to pleased those officer and worked for them
at the end he will mention that all the work that he did was for our (my bro n I) good
that he can sell the land to get money for our eduction in the future
and blah blah blah
Well I m a good girl and I listened to every single word of his 
although he has redi told me over hundreds times
but nevermind
as he is my lovely dad who always proudly present his hard work to his daughter
 and guess what? 
photoshooting session started once I was done with the feeding!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

P.S : I Miss You, Buddy =3

Pak Suck! Pak Suck! Pak Suck!

LoL! For your information, actually 'Pak' is my surname.
And why am i scolding myself?
Nah..its actually how my bestie buddy used to tease me everytime we text or chit chatting.

We were classmate for over 5 long years yet we never really get so much closer together, as a bestie.
He is a joker. Laughter seem to be his faithful follower as it exists wherever he is. So he managed to get along with almost everybody in the school, classmates , schoolmates ,teachers or even school staffs.
Though sometime he will get angry when someone really annoyed him, but as it comes fast, it also goes fast.
Within some time he will just start his jokes again and keep the fire out of his mind.

We started to talk more when he joined the school Tennis Club. Leong, him and I will always go for training and have fun together. As always, laughter fills the court within a second. I love his character when I know more about him and also his attitude/ways of doing things. Though he is also a lazy bump sometime, but you can never get mad over him, especially when he smile mischievously.

He is kind of attentive guy as he will try to understand one's situation and give his best to help. He will try not to hurt other ppl's feeling which he always did the other way, but one thing for sure, he will always be able to cheer someone up. Lots of philosophy theories you may learn from him which he created them by himself, but they just sound so right at the very moment. We used to be just some so-so classmate or friend, but thing changes after my SPM trial exam.

He apologize to me twice when we received our result, one for trial n one for real exam. During trial , I 'helped' him for the maths paper and he turned up to get higher marks than me. When he knw about it, he felt sorry about it and apologize to me and explained blah blah blah...Since then, he started to talk lots with me and even text me to cheer me up as he scared I will be angry and ignore him. We started to get closer and we used to joke or tease each other for fun. We enjoyed it. We text and chat nonsense till late night. We discussed about the past, the present, n the future. And one thing not to be less, we gossip. =p
Well, who say only girls will gossip? =D

Two months ago, we went to school to take our SPM result and he apologized to me the second time. My result wasn't good as trial and I have disappointed everyone as I told in my previous post. He put the blame on him again as he thinks he was the one who has disturbed my revision time. I accepted his apologies but I have never blame him for that result.The only one to be blame is myself. In spite of that, I thanks him for accompanying and giving me joy for that few months. Since then, we didnt text so oftenly or chat on skype/whatsapp/fb. And soon, we both will head to the path that we have chosen to go, which make it difficult for us to meet up and joke like old time. But I will always remember the time we spent together, especially the last few months in school, I will always cherish it.

Buddy, I miss you. :)