Sunday, March 13, 2011


A visit to my grandparents house,
30mins playing with my little cousins,
flashing back my memorable kintergarten + primary school's sweet days..
Its a rhythmical vocab learning for small children
and we used to rhythm it when we were bored last last time.
Its in chinese..
wondering whether my friends still rmb it or not..
-谢谢谢,bung bung bung,
well..its kinda pity for those who slow react..
bcoz they will kena a tight slap in the end! hohoho! xD

Ahh..its sooo warm :)

Today,once I stepped out from my dad's car,
I heard a cried - "JIE JIE~!'' (mean sis la)
the little girl just ran across the road,rushed toward me and puff!
She hugged my leg and asking me to hug her up high.
I m glad there was no car crossing by the time she ran toward me,if anything happen i really cnt forgive myself forever.
Well well,hugging her and taking her back to my grandparents house.
She just cnt stop her hand playing wif my hairs and not letting me to hug the others. feel so warm.
Having a little one cried for you,eagerly asking you to play wif her,and mentioned dat you are HERS. sweet it is..
from the second she cried and hugged seem dat something evoking from my heart..
keeping her accompany for the 30mins...there was always a curve on my face..
The 30mins...yet it seem so short..
The little one..
always hav the magic to lift your heart up =D