Friday, December 19, 2014

Outing with new buddies! #Australia #Part3

First outing

Here's the new bunch of friends that I meet here at Aussie!
An awesome bunch too!
And they remind me of Mufia
Look at the ratio between girls and boys

This is the chess set outside of State Library
SL is currently under renovation so the exterior is all cover up
Bad timing eh 

The interior of SL
My photoshooting skills sucks so yeah

We went to ACMI exhibition!
For more photos, please click the following link :
Enjoy =D

Indoor Rock Climbing!!!

Do you know how long I have waited for this??
The last time I went to rock climbing was only to accompany 
nagu yin bell and wong
I couldn't climb because of my shoulder :'(
But this time, ha!
Im climbing and gonna climb to the top!
But of course..after dad saw the photos..
Machine gun activated..

Brighton Beach + Pizza


I was the one who brought up the idea of going to Brighton Beach.
But initially I only thought of going with Angel and Lucas
We ended up one whole bunch
But it was fun though
More people more laughters 

After hanging around at the beach we went to city to eat the best pizza in the world!
400 grandi!
There were 9 of us and we ordered 9 pizzas!
It was crazy but its so yummy at the same time
the pumpkin one is da best!

Model of the day : Angel Tai

Tulips Festival <3

Both of us had traveled miles just to see these beautiful flower <3
The weather was perfect and I bet mum will be super happy if she is there
The flowers are just bewitched

We had fun doing all the jump shots and wine testing and eating
Love the french pancakes
Its awesome!
For more photos, please visit

Hang out after final!

Its the end of exam!!
Right after micro paper we went for brunch at tall timber 
and chocolates at Zumbo!
Walked around Yarra and Prahran
Quality time with these girls :)
Happy Holidays!

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hehe *peace! ^^Y
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Its winter!! #Australia #Part2

First winter in my life! but its not snowing here.. =(

Scarf and beanies and jacket and gloves and boots but its still not enough!!
The wind is evil and strong
The weather is unpredictable
The rain is hurting like bullet
Weather forecast? Most of the time its bullshit

Nevertheless its still a great experience
Look at those trees!
They are all bald!
The scenery is picturesque for me
As a first experience
Sometimes I'm still feeling unbelievable
Here I'm at Aussie..
gonna begin another adventure of life

Oh ya
have you meet my dear brother?
The first selfie in Aussie
with Kent Pak =D
My parents and I just lye and sleep for few hours after we landed
We are just exhausted from the 7 hours flight
Oh well

My ever first twilight here in the city Melbourne
Already started to miss them..hahaha :')

New residence!

Nice right? :D
Brother rented one of the unit here and the rent is quite reasonable given the conditions are good.
10mins walk to caulfield station and 5mins walk to monash university
Free shuttle bus available between Caulfield and Clayton campus..listen carefully..its FREE
Oh ya, don't forget to mention Chadstone SC is just 10mins away by bus :p


One thing that I have to adapt here other than the weather, is transportation.
Public transport is at its best!
Basically you can reach anywhere with buses and trains and trams(city), all with a mighty Myki card.
One month here and I have take buses/trains more than the past 18 years in Malaysia. LOL.
Most of the buses and trains are very punctual although sometimes there are service problems but to me, its fine~
Other than that there is an app called PTV which you can check all the frequency for public transport.
Whats best is they can help you to plan your journey with the list of transport accessible. Thats so cool and helpful!
Thumbs up for Metro in Aussie! 

I'm new to town!
Here I'm with my dad acting like a tourist to go around with maps.
Either the maps on phone or the traditional paper maps, its equally helpful, honestly.

Monash Uni!

Tadaaaaa! My student card!
Officially a Monash U undergraduates, teehee!
Do i look good in that photo?
Because I m gonna carry it for the following three years..hahaa
Its the enrollment day for international students and yeah, met few new friends, from Malaysia, China and Singapore mostly.
Oh and one guy, his name is Satish, apparently he was from Sunway College as well, studied AUSMAT, and he stayed right opposite my unit in Sun U Apartment! How funny that we only get to meet here in Aussie ;D

This is the Menzies!
Main building for Business, Economics and Art faculty.
It may look ugly and dull from the outside
but the interior design is no kidding
Its modern and completely opposite from the exterior.
Thats my building too!hahahaha

This is the campus centre!
right opposite Menzies and this is where I get food during lunch break
but expensive doh...
normally will prepare my own lunch box
The cheapest food I can get?
Sushi 2 for $5
Oh ya the chips in the peri peri chicken stall not bad too ^^

Humans! Meet Lucas Ng!
hahahah :D
A shy quiet guy I met during Mufy Sem 1 maths class
He is one of two friends that come to Aussie together with me
and he was homesick at first
Lots of queries and worries
So I came to meet him up at uni and introduced him to my new friends that stayed at halls too
And now he is all good! ^^

Mummy's birthday!

To the woman who I have spent 10 months in her tummy
Too bad I cant stay beside you this year and celebrate your birthday with you
but this year you get to celebrate early with both your children!
Love you to the max
My greatest gratitude to you mummy
Stay healthy and pretty yaaaa