Friday, December 19, 2014

Outing with new buddies! #Australia #Part3

First outing

Here's the new bunch of friends that I meet here at Aussie!
An awesome bunch too!
And they remind me of Mufia
Look at the ratio between girls and boys

This is the chess set outside of State Library
SL is currently under renovation so the exterior is all cover up
Bad timing eh 

The interior of SL
My photoshooting skills sucks so yeah

We went to ACMI exhibition!
For more photos, please click the following link :
Enjoy =D

Indoor Rock Climbing!!!

Do you know how long I have waited for this??
The last time I went to rock climbing was only to accompany 
nagu yin bell and wong
I couldn't climb because of my shoulder :'(
But this time, ha!
Im climbing and gonna climb to the top!
But of course..after dad saw the photos..
Machine gun activated..

Brighton Beach + Pizza


I was the one who brought up the idea of going to Brighton Beach.
But initially I only thought of going with Angel and Lucas
We ended up one whole bunch
But it was fun though
More people more laughters 

After hanging around at the beach we went to city to eat the best pizza in the world!
400 grandi!
There were 9 of us and we ordered 9 pizzas!
It was crazy but its so yummy at the same time
the pumpkin one is da best!

Model of the day : Angel Tai

Tulips Festival <3

Both of us had traveled miles just to see these beautiful flower <3
The weather was perfect and I bet mum will be super happy if she is there
The flowers are just bewitched

We had fun doing all the jump shots and wine testing and eating
Love the french pancakes
Its awesome!
For more photos, please visit

Hang out after final!

Its the end of exam!!
Right after micro paper we went for brunch at tall timber 
and chocolates at Zumbo!
Walked around Yarra and Prahran
Quality time with these girls :)
Happy Holidays!

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hehe *peace! ^^Y
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