Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hei! Ho! Hei! Ho!

Little farm girl on duty!
Hei! Ho! Hei! Ho!

On that particular Sunday when I was free and easy,
dad called to accompany him to his farm and feed the fish.
Well rather than facing the computer for the whole morning 
why dun go out under the sunshine and sweat to be healthy?
health = wealth = beauty 
haha.. =p
On the other hand, dad was so proud of his farm work as he managed it all by his own
he planted every single trees on this land and built the small store by himself too
whenever I was there he will surely describe what had happened here n there
when he was working on this farm and how hard to get those lands
that he has to pleased those officer and worked for them
at the end he will mention that all the work that he did was for our (my bro n I) good
that he can sell the land to get money for our eduction in the future
and blah blah blah
Well I m a good girl and I listened to every single word of his 
although he has redi told me over hundreds times
but nevermind
as he is my lovely dad who always proudly present his hard work to his daughter
 and guess what? 
photoshooting session started once I was done with the feeding!


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