Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am 18!!!

24th May 2013!!
Pak Eng May has officially become a 18 years old girl!
Yeahhhhh~~~ xD

Felt soo great once the clock struck 12 in the midnight and ta da!!
This year birthday been the most meaningful birthday I have ever celebrated :)
Why said so?

Visited my high school class teacher 
dear Pn Suriaty 

Visited my lovely tuition aunty and sir
dear Aunty Yoga & Sir Murali

Celebrated my grandma belated mother day
with all my relatives + cousins

The most unexpected incident happened once I came out from my bathroom 
with my only towel wrapping my body
I saw my bestie peizhi was standing beside me 
and I REALLY almost fainted @.@

After confirming no one else in the hall 
I quickly ran to my room n simply put on a shirt + short pants
then she leaded me down to the stair and ta da!
Samuel with 3 pieces of secret recipe cakes and a candle on it showed up
then the melody of a typical birthday song 
floated in the mixture of laughter, excitement, surprises & appreciation 

After making wish and blowing off candle
we get into samuel's car and ta da!
 another surprise! 
a devil rabbit and two bears were there to welcome me!
Then Samuel showed me a video which he made it for my present
We chit-chatted in the car and finished the 3 pieces of cake and waited till 12 
It was one of my wonderful moment of the year
and I m really grateful for what they did for me
Thanks for all the wishes and present that my dear friends gave me
especially when leong gave me the first birthday wish
while samuel as he promised, the last birthday wish
Thank very very much everyone!

On the other hand, as my bro is far far away from me
he tagged me in a mice birthday video and ya, its sooo cute and love ya bro!

flower from chian & miin
white bear is pz
brown is samuel
the devil rabbit
purse from aiyeng
little angel puzzle from aaron 

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