Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Farewell Pool Party and Dinner with pals!

 Time flies!
Here is the end of June and yeah..very soon
I m going to start my college life in July
and stay in apartment and meet new friends and blah

So we planned for a farewell pool party at my bos's house
and samuel tend to be the house guard
to prevent we mess up the whole place :p

We called up most of our dear friends and gathered them and BOOOM!
All jumped into the pool and the water splashed like a nuclear boom landed on Nagasaki
LOL offense 

They said swimming is a very good exercise which has great result in losing weight
but i doubt so
because everytime after swimming we tend to feel sooo tired and hungry!
Straight away we head to find our source of enery --- FOOD
Then we ended up in Pizzahut and session begin!

Its a great time meeting and playing with all of them and I truly enjoyed it.
Wish the best for all of them and good luck in their future 
as we all now on the path toward success and dream.

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