Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fluffy foundation programme in Sunway College!

Finally the awaited moment is here
and here am I!
Sunway College!
with the fluffy foundation programme that I m taking

Well its actually called 
 Monash University Foundation Year
and soooo
when I told banana about this
he just came out with fluffy
whatever @.@

Been through the orientation for four days and most of the time its 
soooooo boring~~
as we were briefed about the programme and blah blah
But somehow its fun because thats the time when I got to know my new friends ^^
love the ice-breaking process as its not like the usual stand up and introduce yourself step
  we were give a piece of paper full with 20 questions
and we need to fill in the blanks with the names of other
so yeahh we went all around the classroom
and asked anyone we encountered
finally, the only question that couldn't be filled was the one who has 5 siblings
What most scary was
there were placement tests on the first day!!
Some of us were freaking nervous about these tests
as we have been totally away from books for almost half a year!
So yeah we just jumbled up everything we still remember
and sat for the tests 

New Friends

Lee Ling Tan is considered as my first friend in the college
She is from JB and since she was not familiar with the college at first
She was with me once we were lost from our group
and we went for lunch in the cafetaria and the tests together

Then follow by
YeeWen --YunZhi -- Janice -- Jing Yu -- Ning JiA --
All of them are staying quiet far from kl
Yunzhi from JB also//Jing yu and Janice from Sarawak//
Ning Jia from Kedah and Yee Wen from Kajang
Same thing goes to my roomates
3 of them from JB and one from Alor Setar
phew..far far away @.@

Its lucky to meet all of them and be able to make friend with them
they are all friendly and lovely girl
and now is the only beginning of our vulnerable friendship
lets hope the bond between us will get stronger as time pass
peace! Y^^Y

Class Started!

Class started on 10th of July
and I have been through quite a hard time when arranging for the timetable
what a first experience in arranging our own timetable
thanks to the help of my friends here and yeah finally
got myself a quite satisfying timetable
 My first class was english class
and get to know more friends in the class
My english teacher is Miss Joyce Daniel
Quite a pretty lady..but they said she is quite fierce
well we will see

Next will be my maths class 
but ended up no class because the teacher was on her emergency leave
so what to do..just find a place 
sit down and watch running man 
But the next day when I went to the class
 Mr.Tan(our director) came in and asked for volunteer 
to change to a new class
Without a second thought I raised my hand
Because the class was so crowded and I really dislike
being in a big crowd esp for maths
So I changed to maths 1-11 and I got Miss Jessey
as my maths teacher ^^

The following was my economics class
 Love the teacher because her style of teaching
is sooo similar to aunty yoga
love the tone she used in class
the way she teaches
and though economics is consider a boring subject
but will never feel so in her class
and her name is Miss Raja Maney

Lastly my account class.
She is the teacher who leaded my group on the first day of orientation
First I thought she was a student because she is sooo young!
Pretty lady too..the way she teaches not bad
just sometime its kinda boring 
and she is Miss Jayshree


yeahhhh the seven of us

First group photo!

We were buying books and bags at AEON LOL

Chun min gor treat me sushi as a welcome to kl :p
Freshie morning with a self taken pic -- smile -- confidence

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