Monday, November 29, 2010

Last day of school 2010 - - -

Okie...i know dat i m kinda late redi..29th post 19th's incident..hehe
On the day, as usual, put on my school t-shirt(green house,yuhoo!!) and headed to school.
actually..i should be at taiping on the day but the PPD not allowed us to make the trip,so we just hav to stay at school..haiz
Every second just boring boring and boring..somemore i redi done with zhi hau's Angel & Demon,nth to do..
So~ i went out and snap photo with some of my friends..most of them didnt go school =.=

here me + fatin A. + wunny

me + roopa

me + sive(the class monitor)


me + khalilah

me + fatin A.

After that, back to class..boring again..and we start the game!
Its some kind of black jack and blah chinese we called it as ''乌龟". The loser will get his/her punishment,and I...was the worst =.=

lose at the first round..
punishment : stand till you win

keep standing...

second round
punishment : clip the pen between you nose and mouth

i still cnt make it...although i m the one who suggest this idea..lolx!

finally...just use mouth...


third round..
punishment : clip the pen on the ear

ouCh!!! ><

okie! finally its his turn!
punishment : crounch on chair + book on top

chin ying's turn!
punishment : clip pen on BOTH ear
- - left ear

- - right ear

yit teng!
punishment : crounch on desk

And~~ the last day over just like dat (, '') 
nth special...
nth memorable..
and waiting for the result..
to meet each other~~ =D

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  1. really no memory on this,, what a surprise when reading your blog..~~