Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Okie, lets continue with what I did this morning. =p
I m kinda surprised when teacher told us dat we were going to UPSI. Totally blank in my mind. Well,what can we do in UPSI? perhaps some kind of games? 0.o
Then we lined up and walked to a computer lab. Oh Yeah! we were going to learN blogging today -.-''
We used almost 2 and the half hour to create our own acc(dat sound ridiculous) for 30 students.
Then facebook =D eventually teacher keep trying to avoid us from opening FB and finally...teacher threaten us dat she would block FB another day. Hmm..dat seem worked. =D
So, we learned how to create a blog and customize it. I also got to know dat if we dunknw anything about IT nowadays, we will be catogorized as ''buta huruf'' in this modern world .FhHoo.cnt imagine what will happen in the following 10 years @.@ Anyway,Its kinda pity to the teachers..for handle-ing such a group of ''A class'' student. However~ everything just goes well today~ we hav the fried noodles as our breakfast and the weather just cloudy and fine~ a good day indeed *thumb up*
Maybe you are wondering why i would choose -dreamer- as my title, will explain later, stay tuned! >.^

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