Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I think...

i think..i m totally insane! lolx!
I love ppl patting my head!(mean sayang la =p)
just like how you pat your pet! really gila...
maybe i m really an animal --- a rabbit perhaps ^^ before i turn into human,hahaha!
When friends or family patting me and showing their love, i totally LOVE it! I enjoy it!
Each person's patting got their own style and the feeling is different!
There are friendship patting , bro + sis hood patting, family,happiness,sadness and blah blah blah~ XD
Some people may think dat i m childish..well,some of my friends did say so =p
But dats my style.
I love patting,thinking some totally ridiculous thingy,wondering all the days,cheering friends,in deep thought(seldom),kinda emotional when watch drama and i love killing + investigate series books or movie! LOL!
I dun know how i got all this as my hobby. Friends' influence maybe? arhh..just no need to think about it.
Just be friend of mine,then you will know whether I influence you or You influence me..haha! =D

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