Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Finally! Its the day...for me to meet the dentist..~.~
Okie,the journey started at 12pm.(29th)
Dad go by old road and i finally managed to get the RedFM channel correctly,no need just to listen to classic songs. Dats my dad's fav.
On the way, we saw a car stopped by roadside and a child was standing at the bushes. Well well..dat reminded me when i m a child too,vomit bcoz of dizziness in the car. My dad laugh me also =.= luckily i m much more better now, but still cnt read or sms in a moving vehicle,haiz
The clinic is situated just opposite Kota Raya, a lot and lot of buses. Traffic jam. No parking.
Then dad park the car at a gedung kain's car park and we got to walk some distant to reach the clinic,no choice. somemore its rain once we came out from the car park. Bad timing. But luckily i did brought my umbrella,hoho! =p
Ngam ngam 2pm,we arrived at the clinic. Registration..waited for few minute,and i gonna meet wif the dentist!
But ntg scaring at first..the doc was kind and so was those assistants. After checking, doc told me dat i m a serious case. need to do surgery if want perfection...i m like..WTH?? lolx!
Through the x-ray dat i hav taken, the gap between my upper jaw and lower jaw is about 12mm..by bracing,he can onli fix about 9mm. So,if really want perfection,surgery. Immediately i shook my head,as well as my dad.
Then my dad said - - you are not any super star,no need so perfect one,just do normal bracing enough redi.
lol...dat okie for me..i dunwan surgery either..doc said if really do surgery,they will cut some bones from the upper jaw and put it at the lower jaw,to make it balance..dat sound serious. I think i dun need dat.
however...even after i done my bracing,i still need to do a minor surgery to move the gum in front my two teeth upward..dats what doc said..and now,the bracing cost about RM5000...walao eh...
but what to do...just take it loh...so now my teeth got two rubber inside,doc said is to make some space between the teeth before pulling it. It ache for the second day,and third and the following. They gave me some panadols..but i dun eat panadol..so i got to be patient~~~ lol
Then doc help me to take the model of my teeth..clean my teeth and even teach me how to brush properly..as my gum bleeding.=p
So,around 3pm the doc's another patient redi arrived,so i got to back off and another appointment is next monday,3pm. 3pm is better than 2pm..bcoz 2pm is in the middle,cant hav my lunch =.=
''looking forward'' for the day...(_ _)

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