Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A day in sunway

Last thursday morning~~
jiayi and I were in my dad car..on the way to sunway~~
I wore a long pants,a normal t-shirt and sport shoes. A classic outfit for shopping~ haha
On the way we stop by dad's farm(KKB)..feed the tortoise,which has lost in the jungle,it sounded dat we are so kind-hearted..LOL
Jiayi was sms all along the way,and me..half sms,half sleep.
Of boz..not just two of us go shopping..we were going to join weiyee,sengmiin,meichian and sueyi them who just came down from genting. They hav less fun during the trip in genting,rain rain rain.
So,we reached there about 12.30pm..miin them just started their bus and coming down,got to wait about 2 hours before they arrive =.=
We went for our lunch at Mr.Teppanyaki,one order for fried chicken,one is ''kicap'',lolx
Then Asian Avenue~ we walk and walk...walk for two hours,just successed in buying jeesing's present..still got about four or five present not yet done ~.~
eventually..this is jiayi and mine list of present :
jiayi                                        me
jeesing (/)                              jeesing(/)
meishien(/)                             bear (/)
ci ying (/)                               dad (/)
                                            mum (/)
                                          banana (x)
so, for me, just the banana one didnt get it,hehe
By the time miin arrived,my stomach started to ache. I think its bcoz walk too much after eat..
then we go GasOnline meet them and i rest rest for about half an hour..chat chat and blah blah
jiayi's eldest sis also come and meet with us.
Then we went to PDI and bought some cloth,and I went to Nichii bought a shirt,but wrong size =.= clumsy me..where got ppl buy shirt dun see size de..
Then we went to HoneyMoon and drink ''tong shui'' + ice cream,for keyi just given jiayi some coupon.
It looks yummy har...haha
While they are eating, i rush to Jusco to bought dad's present. Walao..got 70% discount leh..haha
somemore there are happy hour,all uncle and aunt just grap anything they got in their hand..geng!
After done it..i went back to them,finish off the tong shui,and continue wif meishien's present~
we are almost run out of time when bought the last present...so we are half walk half run...lol..
then we went to the hotel where miin them put down thier luggage.
Then the bus..stupid bus..ppl got 44 seat while he just got 40 seat...luckily some of them redi gone back home with family,if not really no place to sit.
Around 9.30pm~ reached home~
such a ''wonderful'' day...

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