Friday, November 12, 2010


Creating your own wedpage is INTERESTING!
Yesterday(11-11-10) En. mohas from UPSI taught us how to create a webpage and customize it.
First of all he taught us how to write HTML code,it sound like learning computer programming, hehe =p HTML code was very easy, but all the details were so so important dat if you miss any symbol,you failed.So, by using this chance, En.mohas critics dat young ppl nowadays live a ''cincai'' life. =.=''
Anyway~ we did quite well in ytd work.
Through Adobe Dreamweaver, we managed to customize our wedpage and the theme of our wedpage are different from others. Some put flower shop, kopitiam, textiles, computer, shoes and blah blah blah. En.mohas also given some homework for us as the server in the lab not really smooth. So, i went back home and started the downloading of Adobe Dreamweaver. =D
I can say dat dreamweaver is indeed a good tool to customize wedpage(although i m not skillful enough in using it) but i successed in creating my wedpage namely [May Wedding Collections] XD I hav spent the whole night in doing this.So, you can visit my collections in  if you want =p
Today, again..En.mohas taught us about ''stealing'' other ppl template and put on our wedpage. Its actually about downloading the template from some free wedsite. I was kinda frus today when the template i downloaded was not function i spent a lot of time in adjusting all those thingy in the template
- shorten my breakfast time
- no facebook
- no games
- 100% on the stupid template.
Luckily, i maneged to finish it up =D
Since today was the last day of the khusus, we hav a small closing ceremony in the lab.
Teacher and En.mohas give speech and some advice to us. Mes school also prepared some gifts to be given to En.mohas and cikgu haznani. Then, low, as always was chosen to represent the students and say thank-you speech to En.mohas. As for girls, our lovely class monitor - sivachan was chosen.
As for ME...I felt really grateful dat i was chosen to attend this khusus. I learned alot and I m sure dat all this thingy will help me in my future.Hope I will hav more chance to attend more khusus dat similar wif this.
Sincerely, thank you En.mohas. Thank you cikgu haznani. =]

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