Friday, December 3, 2010

The childhood incidents dat i cant do anything except keep smilling...

When mummy tell me about my childhood incidents,i rmb some..but most of the time i m just laughing or smilling =D
I m speechless,haha

1 -- When i m about 2-3 years old,mummy brought me to market. Well,as usual,mummy buy her thingy and i follow behind. Then she ask me to stay aside and DUN move till she turn to me again,i nodded,lolx! After dat i think i saw something dat interested me and i eventually MOVE to other stall.Okie,when mummy turn to me again,i m GONE. It look like some classic story,lol. And mummy really go around the market,calling my name,searching for me. Indeed,mummy's action did get some attention from those auntie uncle in the market.
Then a kindly auntie ask mummy : Are you searching for your daughter?
mummy : yes! do you see her?
auntie : i think so. i saw another auntie was holding a child at the front gate and the little girl seem lost and separated from her mom.
*mummy jog to the front gate*
mummy : oh dear! its you,may! you scared me!
*with no expression on face,go back to mum's cherish* XD
Then mummy scold me stupid =.= 
separated from mother also dun cry one,somemore give a stranger take me around and dun even resist to follow her~! =p

2 -- (old house)This afternoon,mummy was doing her stuff behind at the kitchen. My brother and i were playing at the living room.I m about 5-6 years old and bro about 10years old dat time.
bro : sis,why dun we go next door,the malay auntie there play. There got more toys.
me : sure!
*both run to the next door*
*mummy come out*
mummy : eh? where's the two monkey goes?
Then mummy started her searching again...
the car repairing
before mummy going to frus and panic,suddenly she think of next door and quickly she go in front there and call for us
mummy : may~!kent~!
(next door)
me : you hear dat?i heard somebody calling my name.
kent : really?
*kent~~~ may~~~*
kent : oh! its mummy! lets go now.
*run out from the house,saw mummy standing there wif frus*
kent : uh oh...cham ler
me : lets just straight run inside.
lets guess what happen next.
lolx! xD

3 -- I m six years old. and i m attending my kindergarten. Its just after school...
Once i step out from the school gate..just ONE auntie immediately grab my hand!!!
oh no! who is this? i dunknw her! where mummy! but she just keep dragging me toward her car and put me inside.
Then some other friends come in the car too...
I m totally blur...
i think mummy is correct...i m really a slow stranger wont react
The car started.
keep going and keep going...then i saw those house quite familiar..its like somewhere i live...
indeed..the car stop exactly in front of my shop. immediately..i jump down from the car and run inside.

i saw my mum chatting happily wif her friends...(_ _)\\
me : mummy!!! where werent you the one who fetch me today!
mum : oh! i forgot to tell you dat now the auntie gonna fetch you everyday after school.
me : eeeeee~!
And again...mummy scold me stupid...


Above just some incidents onli, i think there is a long list of this kind of incidents in my 15 years,hoho!
oh dad dun knw anything about the incidents above,so, shhhhhh~~ ;D

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