Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rabbit is...transforming!!

Ytd just the second visit, doc redi ready to put the brace set for me,wohoo~ unexpectable!
Its to fast!
but its good also =p no need to wait so long..la la la~
It has been raining cat and dog when i arrived petalling street,somemore i m almost late redi dat time,so i ask dad to stop by KotaRaya and i will walk over.
Quickly,i ran in the rain,open my little umbrella and ran again,lol.
Reached there,my long pants wet redi,shivering in cold and the patient inside still havent come out.
Okie,fine. I wait.
After half an hour,i m almost fall asleep as the patient finally come out...
waste my energy running in the rain,haiz (, '')
Once i went in,the doc's assistant give me a ring of colour and ask me to choose one.
I m wondering whats dat eventually but then i knew it!
She is asking me to choose the colour of my brace set!
With atonishment,i chosen some kind of light orange and quite similar to pink colour ring.
Then doc came.
He ask me to sit on a chair and he gonna use his DSLR and take the photo of my jaw.
hmm..dat sound weird.
After dat,again,he explain to my dad how he gonna do on my teeth and blah blah blah. 
yet,my dad still dont understand although he just nodded his head,haha!
Then,the putting of brace set started.
and i hate when they put the something dat will take away my saliva in to my mouth,i felt like wanna vomit!
The process has taken about 2 hours and my mouth had open for about 2 hours.
There is a 10 mins stop in between. Still,i felt many thingy inside my mouth redi,uncomfortable.
For the first time in my life,i knew how sueyi them felt redi.
Then doc explain to me how i gonna do after there is brace set in my mouth,blah blah blah.
And he gave a lot of thingy for me,as below :
and i will explain to YOU what i gonna do wif all this thingy- - -
 Its a special brush for the ppl who putting brace set.
Its also a brush..to brush the in-between of the brace set.

Its some kind of gum dat if i felt pain with the wire,i can put it on.

And the last one,its the panadol. but i dun take panadol =.=
Okie,dats all.
Now,i need at least 10-15mins in order to brush my clean.
Dat mean...in school day i got to wake up 10-15mins earlier...haiz
Other than dat,i m always the last one to finish my meal and i cnt bite hard food!! arggghh...
in order to become a beauty from cutie,i would be patient! LOL
And this friday i got to visit the doc again to pull out my two teeth..by dat time will be more cham T.T
i cnt eat anything i think...for two days..just can drink water..><
But at least the doc is a kind middle age guy,i like him.
and i prefer talking chinese wif him,sound more familiar,hehe =p