Friday, December 10, 2010

My Teeth!!!

my teeth...T.T
today is the third visit to the dentist...
12.30 went down kl..
2pm reached petalling street..
go McDonald eat porridge..
really really many foreigners at there..@.@
After McDonald..go Popular bought some exercise books and Dan Brown's Deception Point!
What more unexpectable is dat i run in with win sheng at there! lolx!
Around 3.10pm,dad and i walked to the clinic which just a few steps away and there was another patient still inside,mean....i got to wait.
While i m enjoying Deception Point,the assistant called me go in another room.
Hmm...i always wonder whats inside,now i knew it.
Its an ordinary dentist's room =.=
Okie..then doc came in. He was quite busy i think. 
Quickly he put some cotton wif paralysis drug. Then i saw the..syringe.
Its luckily dat i dont scare of injection,but there was a little bit of painful when doc giv FOUR injection in my mouth..@.@
Oh man..FOUR~~~ two inwards two outward
Then doc ask me to go outside and wait for about 5mins.
First few was ntg. lips started feeling ntg...cant even feel my teeth..hard to move..totally hocus.
Then i was called in again.
Again..doc do his job quickly.
and I hate it.
When he begin to rush,mean he wont paid much more attention on me and the extraction of my teeth would be painful,dat what i was thinking by the time. yet i felt grateful for the anesthesia injection. =p
First tooth..on the right,he shake the teeth for a while and *pLuCk*,done.
Second tooth..on the left..was not very obedient.
When doc use the clip and try to shake it,it hurt.
Doc ask whether it painful or not,and i nodded.
By the following second,i felt regret dat i nodded just now.
Another injection was in.
now the total sum is FIVE injection ~><~
Once the second tooth was out,i can really felt the bleeding and the smell of blood.
After putting cotton into my mouth,the dentist went off.
Then the assistant help me to clean up the blood and blah blah.
okie,thx you =]
Next appointment was decided with the movement of my hand,not mouth anymore =.=
With two big cotton dat full of blood in my mouth,i still got to walked in the petalling street..
no to help mummy pick up the flower,haiz
all the way i m trying to hide my mouth wif my hand..but no use.
After dat,finally...back home..
Oh ya..doc also giv back the teeth to me..i dunwan to take pic of it,quite disgusting..hehe

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