Monday, December 6, 2010

Class begin.

Okie,thanks to our dear sir mureli,my physic and chemistry tuition class...started. =.=
5th of Dec,6pm-9pm,5mins rest,physic + chemistry first class..haiz..
First 1 and half hour,chemistry,just introduction,ntg much,just ask us go back and read,read,read.
The following one and half hour,physic. I just realized dat what teck told me was true,form 3 maths is a lot useful in form 4,especially physic,all calculation. brain rust redi after two weeks didnt touch any books =p
so,its kinda slow for me to react with all those units,hehe
now,next week will be 4-7pm,change of time bcoz of a malay friend's prayer,and got to do more pratice about all those thingy~~

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