Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!! =D

merry christmas everyone!!
I m damn good mood this christmas,dunknw why,lolx!
So my florist shop just open till 11.30 then close.
Im going down to sunway!
I put on my dress and my lovely boot <3
and thx god,its super JAM there!
We redi wasted ONE HOUR in looking for car parking and finally we just parked it at road side.
By the time we go for our lunch,its redi 3pm,HAIZ
we just took our lunch at NinjaJoe,the pork burger,haha!
totally non-halal.
Sunway really got lot and lot ppl there, havent no idea where to shop,just go in jusco,and i just like a child playing in the themepark, grab this and dat and put on my body! lolx! gila redi
Really,too good mood,sot redi.

Then ask mum to take many pic of me wif those stuff and christmas tree =D
I did took lots of photo,hoho!
Then dad bought a big big pillow,it quite comfortable,especially when ''chasing'' drama at night =p
I took all those pic while waiting dad to pay for the pillow,haha!
I fooling around till the staff there kept looking at me,quite embrassing,hehe
Then i met a cute little boy,he passed by me when i took a pic,and he tell his mum,: mummy,dat jiejie very beautiful ohh~
happy die me XD
Then we headed to the ladies part,i mean cloth and all dat stuff.
Too many discounts,and my mum straight go among the auntie auntie group and search for her cloth.
Of coz me got help abit la..
what i can say is,all jusco is the same =.=
At kepong jusco the cloth are like dat,at sunway jusco also.
i found the same shirt. ~.~
Other than my mum's cny shirt,i also grab a t-shirt,there is a rabbit on it,hoho!
red colour one,suit for cny too =p
How about my dad??
He just kept hugging the big big pillow and walked around,haha!
Then we go out from jusco and search for another butik to shop shop...
And we found Nichii~~~
one of my fav shop,hoho!
Indeed its many ppl fav shop,hehe..coz there is many ppl inside...=p

Since its my fav shop,everytime once go in sure will buy some shirt wan,hehe
The yellow collection is really nice,and i bought one,almost like tube shirt,fit fit one,lolx!
Another cny new shirt,blek =p
After dat we go hang around,and mummy saw Forever 21 got offer,then go in.
Again,many ppl.
But mummy found her dress/cloth there!lol..
And she tot got 70%,very happy coz very cheap,after discount just around RM20++
Then she go to the counter...
*di di*
Eh?Why no discount dee??
ngiak ngiak ngiak..
mummy kena tipu ler...ahahhaa XD
 mummy keep complaining after come out from Forever 21..xD
well well...what can do,haha!
Dat day shop till almost no money redi,haha
So leh,never give too much money to a women..
if she is not in a good mood,she will spend it all!
bcoz,buying clothes or shoes or bags,
really will feel happy dee~ haha!
Around 6.30pm,dad ask to go lu..bcoz car park roadside,dunwan late leave.
Then we go to The Curve for dinner~
The Curve not so many ppl like sunway, hehe so parking is easy to find.
We hav our dinner at Ying Ker Restaurant,tradisional Hakka dishes,hehe
Its not bad,got Sumpunzi ,LuiCha ,chicken soup and pork =p
After dinner we went to Ikano and walk walk,in order to digest wor..haha
The Curve and Ikano christmas decoration normal normal onli,sunway better,so ntg to snatch.
We passed by PDI and tot dun wanna buy anything more..but..
i think my mum shop till very syok also..
she bought two singlet,one for me,one for her.
i choose a red one,hehe
I bought the same singlet too together wif sueyi,but dat one is grey,now red,for cny,wakakka =D
Then go back lu~
When On the way to the car park,i saw something....
Many pairs of rabbit ear!!! argghh~
immediately i run to it,lolx!
after took some photos of it then back lu~
what a happy day for me,very enjoyed~
spending money is happy leh~


  1. then the boy add "i means the jie jie who are beside that sot sot de photo taking jie jie" wakakakak XD

  2. haha~ samuel, dun always bully my pak pak ar.. :)

  3. wat the hell!!!! i no money to spend la, can borrow a?