Monday, April 4, 2011

Damn the motorcyclist ==

Well well..actually, its a wonderful day for me.
Although exam redi finish but a lot of stuff keep coming up and blah blah blah~
pening lo @.@
Then, today dad has to go down to kl,
being in the situation of no choice, i hav to cycle again.
you know la..recently the weather was so farking hot and again, i became a blackie..T.T
By the time i finishing my tuition at 4.30pm, the sky seem to turn a little bit of cloudy,
arhar! god help me at last :D
cycle cycle cycle..
when i almost reach my house,i passed a motorcyclist with no helmet and seem to be a little bit sot sot and
holding a packet of coke. He saw me passing him,then he mumbling to himself and he *droooo* tot i purposely wanna cut you meh..really siao de..=.=
indeed,after he cutting me he laugh at there..~.~
other than dat,he also ridicule me as 四眼妹 when he cut me,dat i can accept and i just dun bother about it.
and at the end he just cnt stop and add on saying dat i got no ears and blah blah.
okie la..then i wish you fall from your motorbike when you turn around to "praise" me and a car come coincidence, knock you on your head and *blakkk* into a fallen watermelon,sure very syok hor..

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  1. haha.. lol , funny stories...
    the motorcyclist is very @#@$&^$...