Thursday, August 21, 2014

The journey continues..#Australia #Part 1

Holidays are over, whats next?
Foundation is over, whats next?
Typical path for Malaysian in education :
Kindergarten -> primary school -> secondary school -> college/high school -> university -> reality
So yeah, I am now at the fifth phrase, university.

What's make my path a little bit different from others is that I am going to attend university overseas, at Australia. Although I am bit frustrated at myself for unable to meet the requirement for the scholarship, but still, since my dad is willing to sacrifice all his hard earned money to sponsor me, I cannot let him down anymore. This time failed, gonna try again next semester. Oh, have I mention which uni I am going yet? No doubt, a MUFY student continues her studies in Monash University with extraordinary course fees. Sometimes I do regret choosing Monash, hmmm, WHY SO EXPENSIVE?!!

I was in a chaos before I go to Aussie. 
First, I didnt receive my offer letter till the very last minute. 
Second, I have seriously limited time to settle the acceptance and application of visa. (To be precise, 2 weeks)
Third, my accommodation in Australia
Forth, my flight tickets
Fifth, saying goodbye to my both my families and friends

First problem : Offer letter
In short, enrolment date was 15th July and I just received my offer letter on 30th June. 
I got sooooooooooo panicked that I couldnt sleep well and all the possible, scary assumptions kept coming out in my head. On that day itself I went to Sunway Uni and wanted to ask the office about the letter. Luckily, I received the letter around 2pm and I couldnt tell how relieved and happy I was when I saw the letter.

Second problem : The !@#$% 2 weeks
Okie, so letter received, next thing is to accept the offer. Pay the deposit, send to uni, all done. Then wait for their confirmation letter (eCoE). While waiting for the eCoE, I went for medical check up. How to describe my feeling at the moment when I am already in such a rush and period comes? I couldnt complete my check up because I failed my urine test due to blood stains. What to do? Further test. How long? 5 working days. WTF! When I told my dad about it, he responded with silence. SPEECHLESS 
I called up Monash Uni Australia 3 days after I sent them the acceptance. Inquring where the hell is my eCoE which I need it to lodge my visa application. By that time, I only left with one week. I lodged my visa application immediately once I received the eCoE and thankfully, medical report was submitted on Monday, visa was granted on Wedneday. YUHOOOO!

Third problem : Where to stay?
Monash Clayton Campus is about one hour from city. I am fine with the travelling from city to clayton. But dad not fine with it. Solution? Brother need to move out from current apartment and look for a place to stay in suburbans. He chose Caulfield because its in the middle between city and clayton and I can take shuttle bus from Caulfield campus to Clayton. Everything is in a rush again, this time, for my brother. Felt kinda sorry for him actually. 

Forth problem : Airasia 
I bought the ticket a month before my enrolment and of cause, before I even receive my offer letter. Thats why I was so panic at the start. But again, I realised that I need to change the date of flight due to change of date of my enrolment. Worse case scenario is that for my faculty (Business and Economics), they dont allow late enrolment. I told my dad about it on the same day I went for medical check up, thats why he was so pissed. As expected, machine gun activated. And yeah, changed it to Friday night flight.

Fifth problem : Farewell people!
Part of me was really, extremely excited to leave Malaysia.
Another part of me was reluctant to do so.
Problem is when you get too attached to a group of friends, it makes it so hard to be apart from them.
In my case, they are not just my friends, they are my family.
Ohana means family.
Thanks to all of you for the surprise farewell, scrapbook and all your wishes.
Truly appreciate.
I miss you. Everyone of you.

(Well..i know its kinda bad to say this. But I have guessed the surprise plan earlier. :p First, nagulan ravi was acting abnormally by keep asking me about the flight. Second, on the day itself, Diina called and asked me about yeo joon's message, which was so obvious that both of them were together. Since park was the one driving, James and Tze Hau, too, with them. Nagu told me that his works due on that day, which I believed it was true, but then when he used the traffic jam as an excuse, tadaaa, liar liar pants on fire. Jun Ming driver, jo, nagu and yin in the car. What I least expected was Nicole, who was willing to drive all the way to KLIA 2 with the Innova. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!)

I didn't tell alot of people about my plan to Australia. Well, most of them know that I m going there someday, but they didnt know the exact day. Though the few of us gone through lots of hassle all these years, but at the very end, we are still together. The girls, who love to make last minute gathering, who love to torture me while having meals, they are the girls who can still make me laugh non stop, till forever. Love ya, miss ya.

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