Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Totally PISSED OFF!!!

Just now got some news from teacher which it tells about some competition for last year,
the news said about the way the judges judge and how the result gonna be,
and I m totally FRUS after listening to it.
OMG...do you know how hard we worked just to get the concede from the others,how high spirit we were?
we wished to prove that not only them can do well,we too.
For how long we were longing for the title ''champion'' to come on our hand...
but each time the result was disappointing.
Okie..maybe some will say that title is not the main point,
as long as we know that we are better.
Yes..that's correct..for half.
You cant imagine the joy and the happiness that it can bring to us when something we were longing come into our hand...
we will be very happy..
very very happy..
and satisfy..
even though it comes only once.
No more worthy for us to stay sooo high spirit for the competition,
but still..we will only do our best,
hoping for one day the justice comes pass by.. 

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