Friday, December 9, 2011

When the truth reveal...

Welcome back to blogging, May!!

Well..I guess that's what I should say to myself at this moment? lol..
Yeah have been off from blogging for sometimes and now~ finally I m back!
These very few months I have been busy with NRC - FYE - WRO - Trip
Lol..look like a celebrity that keep busy with stuff ya..haha :p
Will post on NRC and WRO later on..
Now feel like expressing some incidents that strike my heart hard just before NRC..

It happened..around two days before NRC..and it just happened.
I have once hope that I never come to know the truth of it..bcoz it hurts.
Lol..ya, it hurts.
A few weeks or months before this day arrived, I knw something was wrong.
But sadly, I dunknw what is it..
I have been so silly to think that maybe its just my illusion and things will go back like usual, like how they should be.
But they do not.
I have been wondering what the hell was going on around me and finally I came to a conclusion.
I just lost the trust of my friend, my truly treasured friend.
The moment I knw the truth from a crying, moody team member..
I was like - WTF?
And I laughed.

I know her well..but I just cant imagine why she can believe in other ppl just like that and start to..ignore me?
I dont care of the incident or misunderstood or whatever that cause her to believe in that ''fact''
but I feel frust about her..that how can she just believe it..and change in a matter of time..
Then the moody one asked me..- since you've realise it earlier,why didnt you cry?
Lol..cry? I cant do that! I dont have the right to do so even though I want to do it so much!
They will think that I m pretending..things will go more worse and I dont want that..
I just wish everything can back to usual and life goes on...
I have been struggling every times I stepped in my school..
Should I express it out or..I just keep quiet and let things be?
I told ay about it..and she suggested me to keep quiet..
Nah..maybe things will be more worse if I express it out lol..
So as usual..a smile from me every time run into them and life..did go on.

Really thanks to ay for helping and listening to me all these days..and banana too
Thanks for the night,you were there during the hardest time of the
Emo time i can say..hahaha
Well..maybe things have turn on better now and..
lets just forget it?
For God's sake, I won't.

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