Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Don't walk! RUN!!!

Does the title reminds you of anything?

Oh yesh! The variety show that never failed to make people laugh out loud and fall in love with it!!

Its Running Man!!!

Arghhh..love this show lots and eventually I m addicted to it!
Can't sleep without watching it at least one episode a day :p

Its a korea variety show by SBS and now its already a well known show among Asia!
Consist of humorous MCs + actors + singers !!
There are surprises in every episode and never bored watching over it!

Love Jongkok the most as he is the strongest in most of the aspect!
Love Joongki too as he is a newbie in the variety show and arrhh..he is too cute and handsome! no doubt he is the smartest among all!

Strongly introduce this show to those who would like to spend their time laughing over funny acts and games!
The special effects in this show are great too! Can't miss it!

Here is one of the episode of Running Man,hope you guys enjoy it too! :)

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