Tuesday, December 25, 2012

21/12/12??? The end of the world???

Opps..kinda late to post on this incident ehh?hehe.. :p

Okie..honestly, who believe in doomsday ehh? Put up your hand please~
hahaha.. *silly*
Well if 21/12/12 was really doomsday then I wouldn't be blogging right now ehh? :p

Hmm..that day didn't begin quite smooth for me I guess..
Mum + dad argued over stuff..mum burst into flames..merajuk >.<
Actually..that day also was the day of winter solstice..which was an important event for Chinese and normally we have prayers on that day
Since mum got angry and don't want to care about the prayers..I was the one who doing most of the prayer stuff..lol
But luckily, friends arrived at the nick of time and saved me from getting moody :)

So both of them busy entertaining themselves with the process of making tang yuan while I concentrate in finishing the prayer stuff
Then we cooked the tang yuan -- cooked our lunch -- lunch + running man -- LOL

After they went back home, I started cleaning up my house..sweep + mop
Guess I was trying to keep myself out of what was happening early of the day ehh?haha..

Finally around 7.30pm both of them came back home..like nth had happened
and I was like -- oh great,problem solved --
Then dinner as usual and again I watched running man till midnight :p

When the time passed 12..no doomsday..no special stuff happened..no people died
only the relieved sigh from me that indicate one day had over and the following second would be a new life begin..:)

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