Friday, March 29, 2013

21th March..

Well well..
first of all, 
congratulations to all the high achievers 
for SPM 2012!!

21th March, it used to be an ordinary Thursday but SPM result was released on this particular day which made it..hmm..a special day perhaps?haha..

It was indeed a 'special' day for me..
The day I disappoint all my teachers and even my principal
The day I disappoint my dear aunty yoga and sir murali
And most beloved dad

Teachers n dad have high expectation from me for this examination..
but I failed them.
The moment I called up my dad and told him about my result
I felt his disappointment over the phone..
the feeling was something which I wish I could never feel it

Dad told me very frankly that he was disappoint but life has to move on 
he accepted the result as it wasn't really that bad
but the moment he compared my result with my friend's
I just couldn't stop my tears rolling in the eyes

Same thing happened when I called up aunty yoga
I love them so much that I couldn't stand that I failed them
Their disappointment were stabbing my heart like a sharp knife
Though I knew that I can blame no one but myself
for not working hard enough or concentrating 

life goes on
what a lesson learnt for my life
by paying such a price

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