Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ahhh! Its not easy to earn people's $$$!

Tell you guys something..
I m officially an office girl now!
I m working now!
and starting to earn my own pocket $$!
Feels soooooo good!  d^.^b

its not easy to earn other people's $$
Other than playing the role as an office girl/clerk, I also became an one day trip tour guide! LOL!
After becoming tour guide then I m now a camera girl for any functions/programs for my boss as we need photos as evidence for every reports.
Ahh, what a job!

As I guess my college life will start in July..
I  m glad that I got this job as I can learn to earn $$ and get so so so much experience!
How to be socialise and communicate with people!

Though sometime got to do OT and its tiring..
but worth it!

I m happy too that my parents are giving me full support abt this job especially my dad!
Love ya!

My Place in the office ;p


Never forget to pose while working!

A friendly photographer who I met in an CNY program at Tropicana City Mall =3

The CNY program that I mentioned earlier :)

Group Photo with the head of Line Dance Group of PJ

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