Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shhhhh...its our secret...

Dear 2013,
There is something I wish to tell you
can you keep it a secret between us both?
Its new year and Spring is on her way!

When the flower bloom and blossom
I can see your face in each of them

When the stream running freely down the valley
I can hear your words of advice and love

When the wind blow mildly across my cheek
I can feel your palm on my face

When the brisk of greenwoods floating in the air
I can smell the aroma of your cook

When the sun set and darkness come
I can see your eyes
up up in the sky
blinking and telling me not to be afraid

soon Summer will come and gnarled Spring away
I will always find you whenever I scroll down my memory lane


Specially dedicated to Mrs Yoga
My beloved English tuition teacher
Happy new year!!
Happy 2013!!


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