Friday, January 11, 2013

The Epic - Kent & May

I was once a no-body
 knowing nothing about the wonderful relationship I was going to have
till the day I came to the world

I used to wonder who is he
but he knew exactly who am I

This baby girl troubled him a lot
he accepted his fate for having this girl as his sister
and he accepted it with a curve on his face

For over 18 years
he grew up together with this girl
he laughed with her
he joked with her
he mad at her
he annoyed her
he told stories to her
he shared almost his everything with her
he is a comfort for her

The relationship that he and the girl built
sturdy like the roots 
deep like the oceans
thick like the blood 
unbreakable like the sea and sky

He is the epic.
The girl is the epic.
They are the epic.

Kent & May
Forever the perfect pair

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