Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Chinese New Year!!


Had an amazing CNY celebration this year
though its just a short holiday
but having the opportunity to meet friends and cousins
is never something to be taken granted about

First day of CNY ended in samuel's house
As usual
peizhi, me and samuel gathered after such a long time
three of us can never get bored of each other
we can still chit chat till midnight
and talking nonsense
sometime we will just off the light and watch movie together
like a mini cinema

Second day of CNY ended in my grandma's house
As usual again
all my cousins were there and the first thing to do 
was to gamble
I lose almost every round T.T
barely win their money
Anyway, its nice catching up with them
and most of them are jokers too
love them much much <3
In the evening
photoshooting time/ selfie time

Day 3 of CNY started at sueyi's house
all siao kid in the house
all planned last minute
but luckily most of us managed to make it
been a long time since i last meet most of them
After that we went to ccy's house
then yit teng's house where the boys enjoyed playing PS 4
In the mid I took samuel's car and went to hin kah's house
nice catching up with those seniors too 
then then I reunion with them at siew yee's house 
continue to kae woon's house
and lastly
zien's house :)

Day 4 of CNY
I went to visit my lovely account teacher, BEEEEEE
She just delivered to another baby son
the son look so much alike with her
the blur blur face :p

Day 5 of CNY
back to college~~~

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