Friday, June 13, 2014

Train. People. Life.

The clock struck eight  when we board the train.
It was a beautiful morning but the three of us (peizhi, jiayi and me) shows no interest in the lovely scenery outside the window.
Our destination was University of Nottingham as PZ wanted to go to the office and collect her letter of completion for her foundation.
I heard the power of the train generating and the train started to trundle out of the station.
The journey began.
And I looked around.
There was only a few other passengers in the coach, 
or maybe because we were in a ladies coach,
there was not much woman passengers.
The speed of the train was increasing and soon the images outside the window became blur-ish.
Everything passed so quickly.
                Time flies in life. The picture in our life now may be vivid as it seem,
                soon or later, it will wash out by the evil time, and become vague.
                unless, we hold on to the memory, simply because we know
                that particular moment, will not repeat.

The train halted for the next station, 30 seconds later it continued, 
and it repeated for all the coming stations.
The flow of the people got heavier as we were approaching KL sentral.
Then there was this lady who had caught my attention.
and I can never forget how her eyes looked.
Her hair was in a mess with her weary, scary eyes. 
She was wearing a blouse and a skirt, then I realized there were injuries on her legs, more like claw scratches as they were in form of straight lines. They were red. 
She caught me looking at her, embarrassed, I quickly looked away. 
And my busybody mind started to work. 
What happened to her? most probably fall down from the heaven, bad landing
Where? location identification failed, and fell in a drain
When? its was a freaking 9am in the morning, heaven people works during the office hours too
How? inexperience
Why she didn't treat her wounds? nahh..they will heal by themselves
Okie, enough.

Finally, around 11am we reached Kajang station, then we took a taxi to her Uni.

After 15min, the Nottingham clock tower stood right in front of us.
It was my third visit to this Uni and i have never changed my view on this Uni : ITS A FREAKING STRUCTURE IN THE MID OF WOODS.
No entertainment, expansive food with bad taste and lack of choice of food, how to survive this? LOL 
Luckily there is a tesco nearby and there has KFC.
After everything is settled, we took her Uni shuttle bus back to the train station and continued with the journey to Mid valley.
We  had to go to the opposite platform to board the train and as soon as we bought the ticket, the train was arriving.
No other choice, we ran.
           Life is like a race. We cannot stop running till we reach the end point. 
           Along the way there are all kind of opportunities and once we miss it, we miss it.
           nevertheless, there is always a second chance, there is always a next train,
           if opportunities don't come to us, we go to them, we create them.
           But one thing for sure, never lose hope in life.

The coach were crowded with people, as usual.

It was school holidays, we can see all the school boys and girls dressed up and hang out together.
Come to think about it, I used to be like them when I was in secondary school, one group of friends, took the train and hang out in the mall. 
We reached Mid valley around 3pm and we were all starving.
We ended up in a korean restaurant and ate kimchi soup.
That feeling when your stomach is filled with food..ahh..*heaven light shine upon*
After that we went for a walk in Aeon Big, and guess what we found?
Apparently there is also pear cider, but I still prefer apple cider =3
Since PZ is taking off on Monday, we bought 4 bottle and planned to drink tonight together with samuel and aiyeng as a farewell. Samuel cannot drink because he is the driver, hahahahaha! sad kid
Before we take the train and come back to TM, we craved for something chilling, and we went for snowflake <3 ice <3

While we were on the way back, guess what?
I saw that lady again!
I recognized her with her hair and most of all, her eyes.
She changed her outfit into a shirt and a long pants. Her hair was not as messy as before.
But she looked tired. Her face was emotionless. She left at the next station. 
        People come and go. We may not know all of them, but they are part of our life.
        Some of them changed our life, some of them did nothing but a trespasser. 
        Study said that human don't forget faces, we just do not give any attention to them.
        What do you think?

Sitting in the coach, it was pitch black outside the window, all I can see is the reflection of myself. I put a curve on my face, and she smile at me too. 

I laughed at my silliness in my heart. No one knows what I was doing or thinking at the time.
This is life.
Whether we started it in good or bad terms, when it comes to an end, all we could do is nothing but smile to comfort ourselves, we have did our best.

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