Friday, June 13, 2014

Pain in his eyes, much pain in my heart


Report : 
Dear daddy was washing some cloths at the garage. Apparently the cap of the water tunnel into the ground was open and the cap was made of stainless steel with size of 0.1mm. Physics theory : the smaller the area, the bigger the pressure. Hypothesis was made. Hypothesis accepted. Daddy accidentally kicked the opened cap, the cap become a superb sharp weapon and cut his left toes. Bleed non stop. May quickly took the first aid kit, applied iodine and put cotton on the wounds. Wrapped it. Grabbed the car key, dad insisted he can drive, we drove to the local hospital. Emergency section. Doctor said it was a deep cut, need to take x ray to confirm that the bones were fine. Injection taken for tetanus prevention. Nurse helped to wrapped it nicely, gave us letter and we need to go to Slim River Hospital for the x ray. May drove mum and dad there. Registered at the counter. Checked blood pressure. Fine. Dad sat on the wheelchair, mum pushed him to the x ray department. Took the x ray film, went to the doctor. Doctor checked, bones fine, nerves fine, just the flesh were cut. Relieved. But may saw the blood still dripping from the wound. Doctor gave an injection of  anesthetic on dad's buttock. Doctor asked dad to lye down on a bed, other doctor checked, need stitching. While checking, may see pain in his eyes. He is always a tough guy. Never show. But this time different. First time. May's heart aches. 

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