Friday, June 20, 2014

1 + 9 = 10? NO! ITS 19 !!

Laugh loud for the title if you want
I won't blame you
I know I am silly 
though I am already 19 years old now 

I feel so young now
I am currently a young adult
I am 19! 
I am 19!
 I am 19!!!

Time for a speech :
Okie. First of all, I would like to thank my mum for giving birth to this naughty little girl and taking care of her for 19 years now. Same goes to my dad, thank you for all your support, financially, physically and mentally for all these years. Just want to tell you two that May is growing up magnificently. I cannot say that I have grown up because I know in your eyes, May will never grown up. Oh ya oh ya, to my dear brother Kent, thank you for enduring this little girl's temper for all these years and looking after me in all kind of scenarios. As for all my friends, what else to say? YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Never doubt your presence in my life because no matter how small or how big role you seem to appear to me, you're part of my life, and I will hold on to that till the end. Thank you to all of you. *hugs and kisses*

Celebration with roommates

I couldn't spend my 19th birthday at home with my family because of my final exam.
What I did was staying in my hostel with all the papers in front of me 
when the clock struck twelve on 24th May.
Then, tan wen liang came in.
I can sense something fishy going on 
and next, yenyee came in as well
Honestly, when both of them came in and off the light
hahahahaa!! their opening obviously is a fail
After that suok ching and shingyong came in with 3 cup cakes and 1 cheese cake
along with the birthday song
Ahh..felt so blessed at that time
When we finished the cheese cake, its time for present!
But wait!! 
I need to hunt for my present in the dark in my room!
Want some tips?
Punishment first!
Oh well..its my birthday, lets have some fun then
Because to be honest, I have never celebrate my birthday in this way
First punishment : toothpaste on my face
Second punishment : let wen liang bite
Third punishment : eat all the fruits and sing a song
Tadaaaaa!! I got my present at last!
3 winter wears! beanie + scarf + gloves <3

On 24th night, shingyong and me went out for a date!
hahahah! and after that we found a secret place in pyramid!
shhhhh....cannot tell :p

On 14th June, suok ching had a belated birthday dinner with me <3

Celebration with the MUFIINNNNSS

Right after the terrible account paper, my dear muffinnss gave Jojo and me a surprise! 
We went down from MUFY floor to ground floor where we usually meet up with the rest
Then we went into audi 1 LIKE USUAL
A large secret recipe chocolate moist cake in front of us with our names on it
KaiLun and the gang sang a really funny birthday song
Then both of us blew the candles and cut the cake together.
But wait!
there is more!
looked up at the screen
I saw my face there pausing there, "play" button is clicked
They made me a video!! 
of everyone wishing me a happy birthday!
Actually it was my idea to make a video for yin's birthday at first
but too rush so we couldn't make it
But now..
they used my idea to make one for me!
Okie be honest, I have kinda expected the video thingy
though yin said it was for joanne
Couldn't help myself but to gepoh
Sorry Yin :p
So I sat at a side and watched the video
Touched T.T
Too bad couldn't upload it here
error ><
They gave Jojo a 195cm long card with all our wishes in it
and also a photo frame
Me too got a photo frame!
Thank you so much guys
for all the effort and making my college life a memorable one 


Wonder whats that?
Just because diina is dumb dumb, diiva is dumb dumb
and may also dumb dumb
so we form a dumbdumbconnection
 These two cheered my birthday while I was hardcore
studying account at the lab hallway
Thank you for your presents too!


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